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Five Natural Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

There's nothing worse than repeatedly caving to hunger pains when you’re trying to lose weight. When your stomach starts growling and junk food is in reach, it’s hard to resist. Not to mention a fluctuating appetite can also negatively affect your mood. But don’t beat yourself up too much, it's not you, it's your ghrelin, a hormone that is responsible for regulating appetite in your body and notifies you that you haven't eaten in a while.


The good news is that you can tame even the most brutal of appetites and achieve your weight-loss goal safely and effectively. Here are the top five ways to suppress your appetite 100% naturally, and without the need for diet pills.


#1: Drink more water

Research shows that people often confuse hunger with dehydration, which could lead to unnecessary snacking. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will not only help you resist the urge to munch on snacks, but it’ll also keep you hydrated and reduce your hunger pangs without adding calories. If you’re like some people who don’t like the taste of plain water, instead of adding a flavored sweetener, add a lemon or cucumber slice, or even an orange or strawberry to boost the flavor.

#2: Avoid sugar and sweeteners

Sugar has been shown to increase appetite and hunger, which could lead to overeating. When you consume sugar or foods high in sugar, like white bread or sweets, your blood-sugar levels spike and then drop almost instantly. This imbalance causes you to feel hungry again after a few hours of eating them. Skip the cookies and chips and instead reach for nuts or yogurt. Keep your blood-sugar levels steady and hunger pains under control by following this diet: Low-GI carbohydrates foods like brown bread, oatmeal, sweet potato, apples + paired with a healthy fat like peanut butter or avocado + and a lean protein like eggs or a low-fat dairy.


#3 Eat more protein

If you’d like to suppress your appetite and lose weight, a protein-rich diet is key. When you consume protein, hunger-suppressing and appetite-regulating hormones are released. Protein also helps us to sustain energy. Eating healthy proteins like fish, eggs, poultry without the skin, pork without the fat, and beans can help you feel full longer.


#4 Eat slowly

While this may sound like a no-brainer, eating too fast may cause you to overindulge. Studies show it takes at least 20-30 minutes for your gut hormones to kick in and signal fullness in the brain. So, take your time and eat slower so you can feel full and satisfied quicker and not think about having seconds. Also, try to be “in the moment” when you’re eating as distractions such as talking or watching television may cause you to eat more without realizing it.


#5 Take a healthy supplement


Many appetite suppressant manufacturers make claims about the ability of pills to suppress appetite and promote weight lost. Sadly, the effectiveness of these appetite suppressant pills is unknown, and the side effects can be dangerous. However, a liquid supplement like Strong Cell, made up of NADH, CoQ10, and Collagen, is a healthy alternative. It supports your health, increases your energy levels, boosts your mood, reduce your appetite naturally, and more. 


Taking a look at your habits and revamping your daily routine can renew your relationship with food and tame your hunger pangs. Just follow these tips to curb your appetite in a natural way and finally lose that weight you’ve been dreaming of.


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