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is about overall health.

We make products we actually use. That’s why we are so committed to the highest standard of quality. Our products are intentionally created, backed by science and research, and are properly tested. In an industry saturated with ineffective pills and powders, misleading labels, and fine print, we're here to deliver you the truth.

STRONG CELL is formulated to optimize your cellular health with three powerful ingredients: NADH, CoQ10, and Collagen. It is not an energy drink and is stimulant free. It offers a 98% absorption rate meaning that unlike pills, it actually works! We can go on and on about the benefits, but to put it simply: Strong Cell is designed to help you become strong on the inside, and awesome on the outside!

Staying true to Nature.

To protect the efficacy of the NADH and to maximize the body’s absorption, STRONG CELL was designed to remain in its most natural form. Therefore, the contents may appear cloudy and separate with water—but don’t worry, it tastes great, In fact, it tastes like orange juice…nothing like a delicious tangy flavor to wake-up your cells.

Feeling It

First 14 Days
CELL begins working after the first dose by increasing your body's NADH, CoQ10, and Collagen levels. Although some users may not "feel" any difference initially, some have reported a reduction in cravings and increased natural energy.* Remember, STRONG CELL is not a stimulant and is not intended to give you an artificial boost like caffeine.* 
Weeks 3 & 4
The steady increase of NADH levels has enabled your cells to become stronger—thus being more resilient against common colds, bugs, and viruses.* You may notice improved memory, alertness & focus, and your skin may start to feel softer.* Stay the course—consistency is key. 
After 30 Days
Your body has now learned to utilize STRONG CELL to operate optimally and is ready to embark upon a more active lifestyle.* Users have described having renewed energy, mental clarity, reduced bloating, healthier skin, nails & hair, and an overall sense of health and wellness.

Shawn’s Story

As a driven individual who also battles chronic autoimmune issues, having enough energy to grow my business, be an active and engaged parent and spouse, and also serve in the community is a real and constant struggle.

I have tried a number of supplements and nutritional plans in the past, even going so far as hiring an expensive health coach, but nothing has been as effective as Strong Cell.

Prior to trying Strong Cell, one supplement that my pricey health coach turned me onto was NAD for energy support. While I did notice a minuscule difference after trying a couple different brands of NAD products, none of them could hold a candle to the effectiveness of taking Strong Cell regularly.

Since taking Strong Cell, it has been nothing but “good days,” and I am extremely thankful for the difference it has made. My body is able to run in its top gear, put in a full day of work, and still be able to come home and be active and present with my spouse and kids.

Thank you Strong Cell team for making this product!!
- Shawn, 36, Restaurant Owner