Our Story

Health is a

The human body is truly astonishing—it fights illness, heals itself, has the ability to create life, and enables us to do things we never imagined. It is the most powerful instrument that we will ever have.

But our bodies need support to run at optimum levels, especially as we age.

Couple that with today’s fast-paced society and the enormity of everyday stresses and you have a toxic combination for your health and body.

We believe there had to be a way to provide our minds and bodies with the resources and nutrients not just to survive, but to thrive. Thus, Strong Cell was born.

The Challenge

We knew that NADH and CoQ10 were the most robust solutions for providing our bodies with the fuel it needs, but there were just two problems.

One, we couldn’t find NADH in any delivery method that provided the level of absorption needed to have a real impact. Two, if we discovered the delivery method, how could we make it effective and affordable. Afterall time and money go hand in hand in achieving better health.


After half a decade of development, the first-ever liquid NADH and CoQ10 supplement was born. Never before had there been a supplement that offered the level of absorption that would actually impact the mind, body, and cells the way that Strong Cell can.

With just one bottle of Strong Cell a day, you will experience a sharper, more focused mind, a stronger, healthier body, and an unmistakable glow, thanks to the Collagen we added.

Not only does Strong Cell provide an effective 98% absorption rate, it’s also affordable to support your lifelong journey to personal wellness.

Our Beliefs

We built our company on the same principles we live our own lives by: passion, honesty and quality. We are passionate about living a healthy life, honest about delivering it to you straight, and delivering you the most effective, high quality supplement.

As we all know, you get out of your body what you put into it. Hence the reason why Strong Cell products are formulated with the utmost care. Our ingredients are based on science, easy to digest and absorb, and are properly tested and verified.

World’s first liquid NADH, CoQ10 and Collagen supplement

Rejuvenate from the inside out

Boasting a 98% absorption rate

Safe, effective and affordable

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